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Antipasto del Cafone


typical meal of the south of Italy peasants,eaten at the shade of the olive trees, wit hfrisella (whole dry bread with chopped tomato) sliced cold cuts, cheeses and vegetables in oil.

Antipasto del Barot


typical meal of peasants from Piemonte, eaten in the vineyards, with Vitello Tonnato (sliced veal and tuna sauce), insalata russa (boiled vegetables with mayonnaise), giardiniera (bitter-sweet vegetables with tomato sauce), toasted bread with anchovy fillets and parsley sauce (salsa verde with oil, garlic, capers, parsley), tomino (fresh cheese with tomato sauce)

Caponata di melanzane


the tastiest, vegetarian recipe from sicilian cuisine with eggplants, Tropea red onions, celery, crushed green olives, capers, tomato sauce.

Le Friselle (whole dry bread with chopped tomato)



with goat cheese, olives patè, fresh tomato and basil



with anchovies fillet, fresh chopped tomato, salsa verde (parsley souce with oil, garli, capers, parsley)



with tuna, olives, capers, onions, oregan

Bomba calabra


N’duja (hot salami paste), Calabrian mushrooms, Caciocavallo cheese

Le Paste

Ferretti alla Parmigiana


Tomato sauce, Aubergine, scamorza cheese, origano

Cavatelli alla pecorara


Tomato sauce, Bacon, Fresh sausage, Pecorino cheese

Cavatelli al pistacchio


Pistacchio sauce, smoked bacon, smoked cheese

Spaghetti alla chitarra del “Pignurin”


“Pignurin” was an old fisherman from Liguria, to whom this dish is dedicated. And is made with squids, cuttlefish, baby octopus, prawn, clams, mussels, tomato sauce, parsley

Ferretti alla colapesce


swordfish, aubergines, cherry tomatoes, parsley

Spaghetti alla chitarra alla tonnarotta


Tuna fish in oil,fresh tomatoes, olives, capers, parsley

Spaghetti alla carbonara

€ 12.00

Bacon, eggs

Sweet Shrimp Salad


Tomatillo, Baja Crema, Cabbage, Fried Okra

I Risotti



Traditional dish from Vercelli with Saluggia beans, salame d’la duja (seasoned salami paste), pig skin, tomato sauce, red wine



sausage and Barbera wine



Castelmagno cheese and hazelnuts sauce



Caciocavallo cheese and Tropea red onions jam



Cheese fondue and Barbera sauce in a parmesan nest



With fish, meat and vegetables

Le zuppe – Soup

Ceci e baccalà


with chickpeas and salt cod



tipical genovese soup with legumes, mixed cereals and toasted bread

Le pietanze – Main courses

Spiedino di salsiccia alla siciliana


three types of sicilian sausages : classical, with Caciocavallo cheese and with dry tomatoes, olives and basil, cooked with cherry tomatoes,capers, olives, oregano

Bombette pugliesi


Capocollo (pork neck) rolls with bacon, caciocavallo cheese and tomato sauce

Filettino di maiale


pork filet with juniper berries and barbera wine sauce

Brasato al Barbera


Veal stew typical piedmontese

Tonno subito – Fresh tuna fish

Mediterranean Tartare


with orange skin and juice, spring onions, sicilian olives, oregano



seared on the grill,served with a souce made with balsamic vinegar and honey



Stir fried with mustard and herbs



tuna brochette with fresh mint and caciocavallo cheese, coocked with pine nuts, raisin, Tropea red onions and Marsala wine



Swordfish with orange and curcuma sauce

Side dishes

Tomato salad


Fennel salad


Mixed salad


Grilles mixed vegetables


Aubergines, zucchini

Dulcis in Fundo

Fruit salad


Rice pudding


with milk served with orange caramel

Fruit tiramisu


with savoiardi biscuits soaked in limoncello, fresh fruit and chantilly cream

Salame al cioccolato


with a glass of vermouth

Strudel di mele


with apples, warm served with ice cream

Cassata siciliana


sponge cake filled with ricotta cheese, chocolate drops served with Zibibbo (sweet wine)



savoiardi biscuits soaked in mint syrup, hot chocolate cream with limoncello and ice cream



amaretti biscuits soaked in coffee and almonds cream with ice cream

Liquorice ice cream


served with liquorice liquor

Gelato al Pistacchio di Bronte


Bronte (Sicily) pistachio ice cream

Gianduia ice cream


Fruit sorbets


Sweet wine

Passito di Pantelleria


Sweet raisin wine served with almond biscuits

Zibibbo, Malmsey, Almond wine


all served with almond biscuits


Spirits and Amari


Quality single-varietal grappa